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Fire Damage Testimonials

I'm a single mother of four children and I'm way over my head in responsibilities for these tiny humans. They are very mischievous and I could really use a nanny to help with them but I just can't afford one. It is common for them to break things but not to play with candles that I keep lit high enough so they can't reach them. Well on this particular evening one of them knocked the book case over that had the candles on the top of it and set the carpet and sofa on fire. Thank God one of my neighbors saw the smoke coming out the window and called the fire emergency folks. They were quick to respond as was a representative from SERVPRO of High Point. She helped me find my insurance paperwork and a few other things that I needed. A couple weeks after the fire Marshall said it was all clear,  I called SERVPRO to come help with the clean up. There was lots of damage to my living room furniture and soot was everywhere. Troy was able to come out fairly quickly and give me an estimate on repairs I'd be needing like new flooring and painting. Troy gave me a restoration estimate and scheduled a time to start. Today my home looks like brand new.

As you know, my son's bedroom fire was quite traumatic for all of us, and entirely preventable.  I had told him several times about the dangers of burning candles in his room.  Although I am thankful that he was not at home at the time of the fire, I am still angry with him for letting it happen. Enough said about that. The reason for my letter is to thank SERVPRO for your thorough clean up and respectful nature in dealing with our claim. You were sure to wipe down every bit of soil and I also appreciate the cleaning out of our ducts.  The smell is now totally gone.  Hopefully, we will not be needing your services again, but if so, you are our go-to team of professionals.  

When we had our kitchen fire, our State Farm representative insisted that we use SERVPRO.  I had another Company in mind, but due to what our Agent said about SERVPRO, I agreed to use them.  What a great experience!  Our kitchen looks better than it ever has looked! From the very beginning of the tearing out and cleaning part of the job, to the replacement of cabinets and counter tops, I couldn't have asked for better people!  The attention to detail was unmatched.  Thank you for being outstanding!

A special thank you to Savanna and Laurie of SERVPRO of High Point for the very carefully way they packed up my belongings after our fire and how they came back better than new!  These two ladies really know how to take care of cherished keepsakes, clothing, etc. and I just want them to know how much I appreciate their kindness and gentle touch.  They did an amazing job with all of it!

The fire we had recently in our home was devastating for us.  Although we were not home when it happened, we still lost some cherished belongings.  However, if it wasn't for the kindness and caring attitude of the SERVPRO staff, it would have been a lot worse. From our first phone call with them, their sympathetic and understanding manner really put us at ease.  We knew that they understood our pain, and would do whatever was necessary to help us out.  And they did.  We were able to move back in to our home in just three weeks.  Thank you SERVPRO for your compassion and excellent work ethic.

Thank you to all the kind folks at SERVPRO of High Point for cleaning up the soot damage we had throughout our home. First class team all the way.        

With deepest gratitiude to all of SERVPRO of High Point in the way they treated our belongings after the fire in our outside storage unit.  We had some irreplaceable collectibles that they meticulously cleaned piece by piece.  We were very impressed by their commitment and diligence in sorting through our treasured possessions.  Forever grateful.      

Our son was playing with matches and caught the carpeting on fire in our living room.  Before we knew it, we had a real situation on our hands.  After the fire department took care of us, the professionals at SERVPRO of High Point came out to clean up the water and fire damage.  They were very thorough and treated our home like it was their own.  We couldn’t be more grateful for the compassion they showed our family during this very difficult time.    

Our gas logs were rearranged by our three year old granddaughter last year and when we went to turn them on this year, soot sprayed all over the house. We didn’t think it could be cleaned with the popcorn ceilings and all, but when we called SERVPRO of High Point they came out and took care of all the affected walls and ceilings and made it like brand new. They were extremely professional and timely and put us at ease throughout the whole process.