What our Customers say...


I had a storm roll through my community that came up at the last minute. It was my fault that I was so unprepared as I don't follow the news as it's so generally deeply depressing. Not only did I have potted plants and lawn decorations flying around haphazardly but I had one of my trees which I should of had cut down a long time ago as it was rotting, fall onto my roof. It was very scary as you can imagine having the torrential rain coming down into my living room. I had used SERVPRO of High Point earlier in the year for a duct cleaning, so I called them to get them to come help me. They didn't remove trees from roofs and provide tarping, but they had someone they recommended for that. Mary Jane from a roofing company came within a matter of minutes and took care of keeping any additional rain from coming into the house. SERVPRO of High Point showed up while Mary Jane and her crew were still there and started working on drying out the inside of my property. I was impressed that SERVPRO was able to recommend another company so quickly who could come help me, as well as, how they were able to dry out my home so quickly so my wood floors could be saved!

It is with much enthusiasm that I write this testimonial for my friends at SERVPRO of High Point. We had a very inconvenient situation occur a few months back where a toilet tank filler line had come lose, dumping water onto the bathroom floor, migrating to the hallway and then flowing down onto the ceiling on the first floor. We had been gone for the week and had no idea this was happening in our absence. Our State Farm agent told us to call SERVPRO of High Point to start cleanup of the affected areas. Austin and Dan came out within a matter of a couple hours and started getting the water up and setting drying equipment. They explained what their processes were and kept us informed at every step of the way what they were doing and how it would help dry our place out. We recently put our home on the market so this was something that did not need to happen at this time! But the SERVPRO crew worked very hard to make sure everything was dried to specifications. Troy and Shane then came in to handle the repairs to the ceiling and part of the wall and made it look like nothing had ever happened. We're excited to say that we've gotten multiple offers on our home but couldn't have made it to that point without the help of SERVPRO of High Point. We will be forever grateful for their quality work that was completed in a short period of time.  

I'm a single mother of four children and I'm way over my head in responsibilities for these tiny humans. They are very mischievous and I could really use a nanny to help with them but I just can't afford one. It is common for them to break things but not to play with candles that I keep lit high enough so they can't reach them. Well on this particular evening one of them knocked the book case over that had the candles on the top of it and set the carpet and sofa on fire. Thank God one of my neighbors saw the smoke coming out the window and called the fire emergency folks. They were quick to respond as was a representative from SERVPRO of High Point. She helped me find my insurance paperwork and a few other things that I needed. A couple weeks after the fire Marshall said it was all clear,  I called SERVPRO to come help with the clean up. There was lots of damage to my living room furniture and soot was everywhere. Troy was able to come out fairly quickly and give me an estimate on repairs I'd be needing like new flooring and painting. Troy gave me a restoration estimate and scheduled a time to start. Today my home looks like brand new.

My mother-in-law recently passed in the home she had shared with her 3 dogs for 31 years.  She was not very social with us and got less and less friendly as her dementia took over most of her memory and coherent thoughts. Mike would go every week or so to check on her as she sometimes didn't remember who he was and didn't even want to let him in some days. She recently had a hip replacement and wasn't getting around very well. We found her dead on the kitchen floor three days after our last visit. We were devastated knowing that she had died alone only to have the dogs lick up her body fluids and blood. We didn't know what to do but knew we had to find a company to come clean up what was left of her. My son recommended SERVPRO of High as he had used them before for the kitchen fire he had in his home three years ago. They came out within a matter of hours that day and thoroughly cleaned up where her body had been laying with strong chemicals. What I liked most about Savannah and Chris was how compassionate they were towards us and went in detailed explanation of how their processes worked in cleaning up something like this. They were so very kind to us and for that we'll be forever grateful.

i had a terrible odor coming out of my bedroom closet and downstairs bathroom. I initially thought that it was my Cat Charlie who has bladder issues but the smell wasn't exactly like cat urine. I have a hard time detecting smells as I had surgery on my nose several years ago that created some blockage to the inside of my nose. Even though I wasn't sure what was causing the smell, I called SERVPRO of High Point to see if they'd come help me. They sent a nice young man out within just a couple days of my phone call. Ivan was able to confirm that the odor was due to mold growth that I had not even noticed before and told me how he could help get rid of it. The work was completed in less than a days time and the smell is completely gone now. I'm calling them back again if I ever need more help with my home. They were all super respectful and kind to me.

We recently moved down here from up north and weren't sure who to call when we had a pipe burst in our basement. We initially called our insurance company whose adjuster told us to call you guys. Savannah and Nick came out in less than 2 hours from our phone call to the SERVPRO office and got to work right away. They were very professional and knowledgeable and were able to even save the pool table that we thought was destroyed by the water. They went above and beyond any customer service that we've experienced in the past. 

SERVPRO of High Point has been cleaning and sanitizing our offices and warehouse space for several months now. We want our employees to feel safe in their work environment, and having SERVPRO come in on a regular basis to do a proactive cleaning is just what we need here. We also were given some of their table toppers to put in our lunch area and break room. This lets all the employees know that we took extra care in having their environment professionally cleaned by a major brand like SERVPRO. Call SERVPRO of High Point to do what a regular janitorial company cannot do.

My mom got the Covid, and not only was I worried about her, but I was worried about cleaning up of the house we share. I called SERVPRO of High Point and they gave me a very reasonable price to come out here to sanitize all of our high touch surfaces. They showed up when they said they would, and took extra care of my mom's bedroom while they were here. They really know how to sanitize and clean. I feel safe again in my home.

I had a great experience with SERVPRO of High Point when I was buying my new home that stunk of cigarette smoke and dogs.  They were able to come in there and completely get rid of all the odors in a very short period of time.  I'm forever grateful to them for helping make my new home liveable. 

We were very impressed with how SERVPRO of High Point handled the emergency we had at our home when we had the grease fire in our kitchen.  We love our new cabinets and countertops and were very impressed with their level of compassion and concern when going through the process of getting our necessities back in order.  They are a top notch organization.

We had a toilet overflow from our upstairs bathroom a few years ago and used SERVPRO of High Point.  We recently had an issue with our water heater flooding part of the basement, and because of the awesome job they did for us last time, we decided to call SERVPRO of High Point again. We've highly recommended them to all of our friends and extended family.

My husband and I decided to use SERVPRO of High Point because they were recommended to us by a neighbor who had used them in the past.  They were at our home in less than an hour and had our basement area dried out within a matter of hours. We were very impressed with their professionalism and work ethic.

Very excellent job done by the team at SERVPRO of High Point. The musty odors are finally gone from our home thanks to them. Ivan and Chris worked hard to find the source of the odor and got rid of all the mold.  They were able to get it off our belongings too. The futon looks brand new. We highly recommend them.

SERVPRO of High Point did an amazing job getting rid of the mold in our downstairs bathroom.  They were very respectful of our home and worked long hours until the job was done. We highly recommend them.

A big thanks to SERVPRO of High Point for getting rid of the mold in our attic area. We had a leak in our roof and were unaware of the damage it was causing in our attic.  They explained their processes to us up front and kept a very strict work routine as to when they'd be at our home.  We couldn't of asked for a more professional Company.

We had a musty odor in our basement for months.  We thought it was just the way a basement smells until we had a friend comment on the odor.  We decided to have SERVPRO of High Point come out to check and see what was going on.  They uncovered a serious mold problem in the wall cavity that had been going on for quite some time. They took care of the mold and were able to locate the source of the moisture too.  We were beyond impressed with their professionalism and sense of urgency.  We will be using them again in the near future to clean out our ducts.

Much appreciation to Carlos and his entire team for the amazing clean up job they did at my home! I had no idea that my HVAC system was clogged, causing water to spew everywhere! Not only did he recommend an expert to help fix my a/c unit, but SERVPRO was also able to save the downstairs carpet from needing replaced.  His staff was always on time, very polite, and worked with great concern and intensity. I highly recommend them.

You need to contact SERVPRO of High Point if you ever have a pipe burst in your home.  We had a situation where our whole first floor was flooded. We weren't sure what to do until we called SERVPRO.  They were at our home in less than an hour, and had all the water up in no time. They are very personable and worked tirelessly until the job was done.  Savanna shared some literature with us about their other services, and we will be setting up a date to have our ducts cleaned out. 

We wanted to formally thank you folks at SERVPRO for doing such a great job in cleaning up after our hot water heater leak.  Ivan and Chris explained to us what their step by step procedures would be, and also recommended a top notch plumber too.  We felt very comfortable during the entire process, and were able to return to "normality" in a very short period of time. Thanks so much for your excellent service and professionalism.

Please know how much I appreciate your help and timely response when my washer machine line burst and water flooded the hallway and both bedrooms.  Since this has never happened to me before, I did not know the protocol or what to expect from my claim.  I was pleasantly surprised to find your SERVPRO staff here within the hour, working diligently to get the water up as not to cause more damage to my flooring.  You were able to save the carpets and for that especially I am very grateful.  I will be recommending you to all my friends.

As you know, my son's bedroom fire was quite traumatic for all of us, and entirely preventable.  I had told him several times about the dangers of burning candles in his room.  Although I am thankful that he was not at home at the time of the fire, I am still angry with him for letting it happen. Enough said about that. The reason for my letter is to thank SERVPRO for your thorough clean up and respectful nature in dealing with our claim. You were sure to wipe down every bit of soil and I also appreciate the cleaning out of our ducts.  The smell is now totally gone.  Hopefully, we will not be needing your services again, but if so, you are our go-to team of professionals.  

When we had our kitchen fire, our State Farm representative insisted that we use SERVPRO.  I had another Company in mind, but due to what our Agent said about SERVPRO, I agreed to use them.  What a great experience!  Our kitchen looks better than it ever has looked! From the very beginning of the tearing out and cleaning part of the job, to the replacement of cabinets and counter tops, I couldn't have asked for better people!  The attention to detail was unmatched.  Thank you for being outstanding!

A special thank you to Savanna and Laurie of SERVPRO of High Point for the very carefully way they packed up my belongings after our fire and how they came back better than new!  These two ladies really know how to take care of cherished keepsakes, clothing, etc. and I just want them to know how much I appreciate their kindness and gentle touch.  They did an amazing job with all of it!

The fire we had recently in our home was devastating for us.  Although we were not home when it happened, we still lost some cherished belongings.  However, if it wasn't for the kindness and caring attitude of the SERVPRO staff, it would have been a lot worse. From our first phone call with them, their sympathetic and understanding manner really put us at ease.  We knew that they understood our pain, and would do whatever was necessary to help us out.  And they did.  We were able to move back in to our home in just three weeks.  Thank you SERVPRO for your compassion and excellent work ethic.

Thank you SERVPRO for coming to our hotel during a very stressful time of renovations.  Needless to say, the sprinkler system mal function could not have come at a worse time.  Your quick response and knowledgeable staff worked around the clock  to get everything dry so we could return to the project at hand. We were able to make our deadline, and that was totally in part due to the service excellence we received from you!

Our school has been blessed for many years now in having the kind of partnership that we have with SERVPRO.  They share our sense of urgency each and every time, and we can always count on them to be on point when we call them.  The recent issue with the mold in one of the classrooms was handled very delicately by them as we didn't want to alarm any of our parents.  They were able to effectively remediate the mold in less than two hours after our school had closed for the day. Thank you SERVPRO for always being there for us! 

SERVPRO of High Point has been our preferred vendor for five years now.  They work very well with our campus enhancement crew and are always available when we need them. We have very strict policies when it comes to disaster restoration, and SERVPRO has proven over and over again how they can abide by our rules and get the job done in a more than timely manner. They are professional, efficient and thorough each and every time we've called them. We look forward to partnering with them for many years to come. 

SERVPRO has been working with our property for years now. From setting ozone machines in units, to duct cleaning, to an HVAC water loss, I can always count on them. I consider them part of my maintenance team, and would never call anyone else.  

Wow! SERVPRO made my life a whole lot easier by coming out shortly after I called and getting up all the water from my foyer area and kitchen.  Please know how much I appreciate your due diligence in getting my home back to its original condition.  Your motto is spot on.  "Like it never even happened." Thank you SERVPRO!

Michael was not supposed to be as bad a hurricane as Florence but it was for us.  We were terrified when the tree fell through our roof but were reassured by Carlos that SERVPRO would help us through this catastrophe.  He sent his crew of people and also contacted other folks for us that would come help with repairs.  He treated us like family and for that we are forever grateful.  

Just wanted to let you know that we are beyond impressed by your team of professionals that came by to help us out with our basement flood after the storm.  They came to our home in the promised time frame and did not leave until late as they wanted to make sure everything that could be dried out was dried out. They explained to us what they were going to do before they did it, and explained to us about their equipment.  A special thank you to Savanna for taking such good care of our belongings.   

We know you were inundated with calls after the storm.  We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate what you did for us during that very stressful time. Our basement has never looked better. 

Thank you for the excellent work done by your employees for us- from the receptionists to those you sent for the work. We hope we never need your services again but will certainly refer you to others who do.

The service we received from you and your staff at SERVPRO was nothing but excellent. From the first contact after our claim, you were always quick to respond to whatever was needed. You or your people always showed up when an appointment was made and your teams did their jobs in an extremely professional and proficient manner. 

SERVPRO of High Point did an excellent job cleaning up our foyer and hallway after the storm and heavy rains we had last month.  The crew was very professional and put us at ease in regards to the damage that we thought the water may have caused. We highly recommend them to anyone who experiences a disaster like we did.

Much appreciation to the personnel at SERVPRO of High Point. The recent storms wrecked havoc in our basement, flooding it from front to back. They took great care with our contents, and after the initial clean up, made sure that all the equipment was drying properly on a daily basis. Very dedicated staff.

The flooding from the storm in our sunroom area created a very stressful situation for my elderly parents. However,  we were all put at ease after our first phone conversation with SERVPRO of High Point. They were able to work around our schedule and come at a time when my parent’s were napping. They were fast, efficient, and very respectful. Thank you for working with us on our time frame!

Thank you for the quick response to our home during the torrential rains last month. We understood how busy you must have been as there was visible flooding in many parts of the Triad area, yet you still managed to make our home a priority. We will be forever grateful to SERVPRO of High Point for cleaning up the water in our dining and kitchen areas. Great job guys!

Our church experienced an over flowed toilet that ended up traveling into our sanctuary area.  We called SERVPRO of High Point in a panic and they arrived within minutes of our call.  They were able to eradicate the situation before our services that next evening.  Special thanks to Chris for all your efforts after normal business hours. We couldn’t have made it without you.             

Dependable and professional.  Thank you to the entire team at SERVPRO of High Point for always making our University a priority. Their commitment to service around the clock is no joke. We would never even consider using another disaster restoration company. Thank you Carlos for always doing what you say you’re going to do, and for the daily updates to our partner personnel.     

We have been using SERVPRO of High Point for several years now in treating our apartment units for water damage, mold and mildew, and odor. Their knowledge regarding every situation has been right on point, as well as, their pricing. We feel very fortunate in our partnership with them and would never think to call any other company.             

When SERVPRO of High Point showed up in less than an hour to our school, I knew that we had chosen the right company to help with the flooding in two of our classrooms.  Their processes were right on point with what I expected being in the maintenance business for 17 years.  I was impressed with their knowledge, equipment, and can-do attitude. I have definitely found the company I will be using from now on.        

Water had been seeping into our finished basement for years. We had no idea that this would lead to a serious mold problem.  With very little information on how to handle this type of situation, we looked through the internet and found SERVPRO of High Point.  What a stroke of great luck for us! They replaced our carpet and remediated the mold in a matter of days. We are forever customers.

Carlos Olvera, the Owner, came personally to access the mold infestation we had in our home. After a very detailed discussion where he explained exactly how they were going to proceed, I felt more than comfortable in hiring him and his team. And I was not disappointed.  Call these guys if you want true professionals in your personal space.

The house that we were hoping to flip in a timely manner turned out to be full of mold. We had no idea who to call until we heard from a friend about SERVPRO of High Point.  They were able to come in and totally eradicate the situation.  Before we knew it, we were able to put the home on the market.  Special thanks to team members Ivan and Austin for your due diligence.

We had SERVPRO of High Point come to our home after we were diagnosed with a “sick” house.  There was mold everywhere!  Not only did they get rid of the mold but they also replaced many of the rotted boards behind our walls and in our crawlspace area. True professionals. On time daily. Respectful. Hard working and trustworthy. We’ve already spread the word about this first class operation.

Thank you to all the kind folks at SERVPRO of High Point for cleaning up the soot damage we had throughout our home. First class team all the way.        

With deepest gratitiude to all of SERVPRO of High Point in the way they treated our belongings after the fire in our outside storage unit.  We had some irreplaceable collectibles that they meticulously cleaned piece by piece.  We were very impressed by their commitment and diligence in sorting through our treasured possessions.  Forever grateful.      

Our son was playing with matches and caught the carpeting on fire in our living room.  Before we knew it, we had a real situation on our hands.  After the fire department took care of us, the professionals at SERVPRO of High Point came out to clean up the water and fire damage.  They were very thorough and treated our home like it was their own.  We couldn’t be more grateful for the compassion they showed our family during this very difficult time.    

Our gas logs were rearranged by our three year old granddaughter last year and when we went to turn them on this year, soot sprayed all over the house. We didn’t think it could be cleaned with the popcorn ceilings and all, but when we called SERVPRO of High Point they came out and took care of all the affected walls and ceilings and made it like brand new. They were extremely professional and timely and put us at ease throughout the whole process.

“Happy customer here. A big thank you to SERVPRO of High Point. They were very courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. They were also very patient when explaining the drying process to me and my wife, and answered all of our questions in detail. Great company”. 

“Excellent service from SERVPRO of High Point. Their work ethic exceeded all my expectations. Thank you for getting my home back to normal.” 

“It is hard to find a Company these days where the Owner gets personally involved in a water loss. Carlos at SERVPRO of High Point came to my home when my toilet overflowed into the downstairs bathroom. Although my “disaster” was a small one compared to what he’s probably used to, he treated me like I was a very important customer to his business and I will never forget it.”

“I unknowingly bought a home with recalled Quest pipe. I’ve had several water disasters in my home over the past several years. I call SERVPRO of High Point every time and they are not only quick to respond and clean up my mess, but they are very compassionate in regards to my situation in general. They’ve become like family.” 

“I work for a property management company and I consistently use SERVPRO of High Point for all my remediation needs. The feedback over the years from all of our homeowners has been very positive.” 

“Our experience with SERVPRO of HIgh Point was excellent. Shawn was exceptional and the communication from he and his crew was great. They made sure the clean up was thorough, creating spotless results. We will be recommending them to all of our friends”. 

“Had a water damage at our house due to a washing machine line breaking. Austin and Ivan were extremely helpful during a very stressful time. Their daily updates reassured us that all was moving along according to schedule”. Bobby V.

“Really fine job. Shawn and his crew showed up quicker than we thought they could. They were very professional. Excellent service”. 

“Everyone was extremely friendly and easy to work with at the SERVPRO in High Point. They were very reassuring and proactive at the time of my loss.” 

“Wonderful team. Thank you for the daily feedback during the drying process”. 

“Great team, very efficient & responsive. I really liked their service. SERVPRO of High Point will always be our resource for water damage mitigation.”

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a great job.

I'm very happy with the service from SERVPRO of High Point. The technicians that came out to my house were very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks to SERVPRO of High Point for helping me through a difficult experience.

When I recently suffered a water loss, I had no idea what to do. The staff at SERVPRO of High Point did an outstanding job taking care of the water damage to my home and navigating through the insurance process.

Our water heater burst in our High Point home resulting in tremendous water damage to our condo and many of the surrounding units in our building. What a nightmare for anyone to go through but in this case the shining star for us was SERVPRO of High Point! Carlos was called in and immediately, we all were taken by his professionalism and follow through from start to finish! He worked tirelessly and very closely with our building board members and the insurance companies on the details from the early estimates, to reviews and right on through construction. He and his staff were simple the very best....he and his contractors exceeded our expectations in every way! Jerry Dunton