Recent Before & After Photos

Water Loss During Severe Rain Storm

This is a unique loss as the homeowner was hit with two losses on the same day. As the rain continued pouring excessively that evening, they were made aware by ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

Grease fire from kitchen affected ceiling in kitchen, kitchen cabinets, and microwave. Ceiling had to be painted, as well as, new cabinets and microwave. Since... READ MORE

Toilet Overflow

Example of a toilet that overflowed onto a bathroom floor. Category 3 loss, biohazard. Biohazard losses often seem gross to those folks who do not deal with the... READ MORE

Biohazard Clean Up

Blood and body fluid remains of deceased resident. SERVPRO of High Point uses the latest techniques in biohazard clean up. As you can see, the blood had actuall... READ MORE

Fireplace Fire

Damage to this fireplace as the damper was closed at the time of ignition. SERVPRO of High Point was on the scene in a matter of minutes to minimize smoke and ... READ MORE

Tree Falls On House

During Hurricane Florence, a large tree fell onto the side of this house causing major damage to the exterior and to part of the interior. SERVPRO of High Poin... READ MORE

College Dorm Storm Damage

Storm affected several dorm rooms at this college. SERVPRO of High Point was able to provide clean up and restoration within two days so students could return ... READ MORE

Basement Flood

This unfinished basement flood was caused by major ground water coming in from outside the property. Due to the fact that it was ground water coming in from th... READ MORE

Bedroom Storm Damage

A recent storm in the High Point area made a direct hit onto this house, causing a window to get blown out and causing the home to get flooded with rainwater. ... READ MORE

Replace Hallway Flooring

SERVPRO of High Point replaced hallway flooring that was damaged due to a water intrusion caused from rainwater coming under the front doorway of this home. Th... READ MORE