Photo Gallery

Cleanup of body fluid

Death Happens

Here is an outline of a deceased person where SERVPRO of High Point was contacted to do a biohazard cleanup. There was blood and body fluids present on the floor of the home which required disinfection and odor elimination.

"Ready for whatever happens"

Importance of ERP's

This is a no charge service that SERVPRO of High Point offers to all of our commercial customers. It helps them prepare for a disaster. It identifies the line of command for authorizing work to begin. It provides facility details such as shut off valve locations, priority areas and priority contact information.

CSC technician at work

Certified SERVPRO Cleaned

SERVPRO of High Point has an answer to the dreaded COVID virus. We can help in your protection against this virus with our SERVPRO Certified Cleaned program. We offer proactive cleaning and confirmed case cleaning to residential and commercial property owners. We protect ourselves with PPE and concentrate on "high touch" service areas as shown in this photo of a technician cleaning an office space. 

Storm Response Team

Disaster Recovery Storm Teams!

SERVPRO is dispatching hundreds of crews loaded down with equipment and highly trained technicians to help those folks struggling in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. Our disaster recovery storm teams are second to none, and will work tirelessly to help put people's lives back together!

Large Water Loss

Insulation Everywhere!

Large water loss at a 4,100 square foot home when property owners were at their other residence in Colorado. Pipe burst on top level causing damage throughout other 3 levels.  Our tech, Ivan, was "arms and elbows" in fallen insulation.

Kitchen Fire

Watch What You Leave On That Stove!

This unfortunate event happened in the middle of the night when a family member decided to fry some catfish. They ended up falling back to sleep, leaving the meal unattended, causing a grease fire. SERVPRO of High Point was called in after the Fire department and was able to restore the affected kitchen area within a matter of days. 

Fire on Laminate Flooring

Fire Effects On Laminate Flooring

Even though laminate flooring consists of 80% wood, they have a top layer that contains an aluminum oxide coating that burns into the air, which can be harmful if breathed in.  This flooring was removed by SERVPRO of High Point professionals during our handling of this fire loss that was caused by a candle.

House Fire

House Fire

Lightning can cause serious damage if it strikes your home. Lightning commonly ignites flammable material in and outside of buildings. Strikes can cause fires directly, like what is pictured here, or materials can ignite when current passes through them and heats them to the point of ignition.


Courthouse Hallway

This is a photo from another affected area of the courthouse, one of the hallways. Much of the building was affected by water damage from the rupture in a pressurized line that is part of the fire suppression system. The rupture happened while building repairs were taking place.


Courthouse Flood

The courthouse in High Point was closed for a week and a half while the professionals at SERVPRO of High Point cleaned up extensive water damage from the fourth floor to the first floor. Pictured here is one of the courtrooms that was flooded. 

Kitchen Fire

See ceiling above windows to where kitchen fire spread to and around top of structure. SERVPRO of High Point is working diligently on demoing the structure and packing out affected contents.

Crawlspace Flooded

Large storm caused this crawlspace to become engulfed with water.  SERVPRO of High Point utilized PPE to get this area drained and back to its' original condition. The customer was amazed at how quickly we were able to rectify the situation, and said that they'd always use us in the future.


After extracting water from this funeral home's carpet, a SERVPRO of High Point technician is spraying an antimicrobial chemical onto the carpet that kills many bacterial entities.  The effectiveness of antimicrobials will vary by product.  Label claims will include activity against groups such as bactericide, fungicide, virucide, tuberculocide, and sporicide.

Dry Chemical Sponge

Made of volcanized natural rubber,  SERVPRO of High Point uses this sponge to get soot and dirt off of walls and ceilings after a fire.  Only after this process of dry sponging is completed correctly, can any restorative painting take place.

Protecting Structure Contents

Extra measures are always taken to secure contents in the structure as not to introduce any foreign substances into the work area.  SERVPRO of High Point customers are always amazed at how meticulous we are when handling personal contents.  We understand that cherished belongings are irreplaceable!

The Tented Mat System

The latest techniques are used by SERVPRO of High Point to save hardwood floors that may be cupping due to water damage.  It is the most efficient way to extract water vapor from hard wood floors.  With one hose connection to each mat, you can cover large areas with just a single recovery unit.

Mold from Storm Damage

Water seepage into laundry room area after a powerful storm months ago.  Water damage has caused excessive mold growth as area was not detected in the early stages by the homeowner.

The Best Equipment

SERVPRO of High Point utilizes the best equipment in the industry.  This commitment to excellence is one of the many reasons why we are able to dry out saturated areas so quickly.

Moisture in Crawlspace Area

Pre-mitigation photo of wet insulation in crawlspace area of customer home. All insulation was replaced and area completely dried out by SERVPRO of High Point.  Our customer was thrilled with the results.

Smoke Damage From Fire

This kitchen fire caused extensive smoke and soot damage on all the walls and ceilings in this home. SERVPRO of High Point engaged in major clean up and restoration of this single family dwelling.

Office Flood Damage

Ground water came into this office building making it uninhabitable for a few hours.  SERVPRO of High Point came in and extracted all the water, as well as, cleaned and arranged all contents to specifications.

Funeral Home Sitting Room

Commercial grade wet carpeting was able to be saved due to the quick response of SERVPRO of High Point. Most of the carpeting in this luxurious sitting room was affected.

Microwave Fire

Homeowners were asleep when microwave combusted into flames.  Everyone was able to get out safely, and shortly thereafter on the scene was SERVPRO of High Point.  We worked diligently to get this home back to its' original condition.

Household Fire

Beware of having lit candles by drapes.  This home has major contents that was affected, and is being packed out by SERVPRO of High Point. The pack out process is done very methodically, with all contents being accounted for using the highest of standards.

Flood at Manufacturing Facility

This office portion hallway of this commercial property was flooded due to an exterior opening in the structure.  SERVPRO of High Point was able to extract the water quickly enough so flooring did not have to be replaced.

Office Flood

Pipe burst causing damage to several cubicle areas in this commercial office building. SERVPRO of High Point was able to extract the water quickly enough so no carpeting had to be replaced.

Burst Pipe

House built with recalled quest pipe had a burst along the inside of a pipe causing damage to one third of the home. SERVPRO of High Point came in and mitigated the damage, restoring flooring and walls to their original condition.

Basement Flood

Basement flooded due to too much rain over the course of three days.  SERVPRO of High Point extracted the water on a Saturday just in time for a graduation party the family was having the next day.

Water Heater Burst

Water heater burst in the basement area of this customer's home.  We were able to extract the water, and demo the flooring.  Insurance covered claim and new flooring for the home owner.  

Storm Damage to A Home

This is what happens when you have too much rain and no where for it to go but in your home. We were able to extract the water and pack out some of his belongings.  We made it "Like it never even happened."

Basement Flood from Storm Damage

This was how much water had accumulated in this basement when we arrived on the scene.  We were able to extract the water within a matter of hours.  The customer was thrilled with our fast response time and thorough clean-up.

Little Miss Kernersville Cuties

Our Office Administrator, April's daughter Faith, was in her first beauty pageant this past weekend. As part of our SERVPRO family, we are so very proud of her!

Shop Cat

This is Samantha, aka Sam, holding down one of the chairs in our warehouse.  Originally from Florida, Sam is a beloved part of our crew here in High Point North Carolina.

Trade Show Booth

Our lovely trade booth display at the annual High Point Regional Association of Realtors trade show.

New Employee Steve Snowman

We are thrilled to annouce the newest addition to our SERVPRO team.  Steve will be working with our production crew.  He works best in cold weather, so we hope he stays with us throughout the winter!

Little Visitor on a Snow Day

Office Administrator, April's 4 year old daughter Faith was visiting with us on this snow day. We are thinking of training her to answer the phones. Just kidding, we will wait until she turns 5 before training her.

Preparation for a Mold Remediation

SERVPRO of High Point's Crew Chief is prepping the soda blasting equipment for a Mold Remediation job to remove mold from a crawlspace framing. Soda blasting removed even the thickest accumulation of mold.

Equipment Ready To Go

SERVPRO of High Point stands ready to respond to any size emergency. Pictured here, are just some of the equipment readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Awards Wall

SERVPRO of High Point is the proud recipient of numerous corporate and community awards. Pictured are just a few of the awards received in the recent past in recognition of performance excellence and community involvement

Great American Cleanup Banner

SERVPRO of High Point is a proud sponsor of the Great American Cleanup. This important community event brings together volunteers from all over High Point for one day to cleanup waterways, streets, and lots. This event is coordinated by the City of High Point.

Great American Cleanup in High Point, NC

SERVPRO of High Point provided pizza for all of the volunteers participating in the Great American Cleanup. Pictured is Carlos Olvera, Owner of SERVPRO of High Point, along with a group of volunteers.