Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire on Laminate Flooring

Fire Effects On Laminate Flooring

Even though laminate flooring consists of 80% wood, they have a top layer that contains an aluminum oxide coating that burns into the air, which can be harmful if breathed in.  This flooring was removed by SERVPRO of High Point professionals during our handling of this fire loss that was caused by a candle.

House Fire

House Fire

Lightning can cause serious damage if it strikes your home. Lightning commonly ignites flammable material in and outside of buildings. Strikes can cause fires directly, like what is pictured here, or materials can ignite when current passes through them and heats them to the point of ignition.

Kitchen Fire

See ceiling above windows to where kitchen fire spread to and around top of structure. SERVPRO of High Point is working diligently on demoing the structure and packing out affected contents.

Smoke Damage From Fire

This kitchen fire caused extensive smoke and soot damage on all the walls and ceilings in this home. SERVPRO of High Point engaged in major clean up and restoration of this single family dwelling.

Microwave Fire

Homeowners were asleep when microwave combusted into flames.  Everyone was able to get out safely, and shortly thereafter on the scene was SERVPRO of High Point.  We worked diligently to get this home back to its' original condition.

Household Fire

Beware of having lit candles by drapes.  This home has major contents that was affected, and is being packed out by SERVPRO of High Point. The pack out process is done very methodically, with all contents being accounted for using the highest of standards.