Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

"Ready for whatever happens"

Importance of ERP's

This is a no charge service that SERVPRO of High Point offers to all of our commercial customers. It helps them prepare for a disaster. It identifies the line of command for authorizing work to begin. It provides facility details such as shut off valve locations, priority areas and priority contact information.

CSC technician at work

Certified SERVPRO Cleaned

SERVPRO of High Point has an answer to the dreaded COVID virus. We can help in your protection against this virus with our SERVPRO Certified Cleaned program. We offer proactive cleaning and confirmed case cleaning to residential and commercial property owners. We protect ourselves with PPE and concentrate on "high touch" service areas as shown in this photo of a technician cleaning an office space. 

Storm Response Team

Disaster Recovery Storm Teams!

SERVPRO is dispatching hundreds of crews loaded down with equipment and highly trained technicians to help those folks struggling in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. Our disaster recovery storm teams are second to none, and will work tirelessly to help put people's lives back together!

Kitchen Fire

Watch What You Leave On That Stove!

This unfortunate event happened in the middle of the night when a family member decided to fry some catfish. They ended up falling back to sleep, leaving the meal unattended, causing a grease fire. SERVPRO of High Point was called in after the Fire department and was able to restore the affected kitchen area within a matter of days. 

Dry Chemical Sponge

Made of volcanized natural rubber,  SERVPRO of High Point uses this sponge to get soot and dirt off of walls and ceilings after a fire.  Only after this process of dry sponging is completed correctly, can any restorative painting take place.

Protecting Structure Contents

Extra measures are always taken to secure contents in the structure as not to introduce any foreign substances into the work area.  SERVPRO of High Point customers are always amazed at how meticulous we are when handling personal contents.  We understand that cherished belongings are irreplaceable!

The Tented Mat System

The latest techniques are used by SERVPRO of High Point to save hardwood floors that may be cupping due to water damage.  It is the most efficient way to extract water vapor from hard wood floors.  With one hose connection to each mat, you can cover large areas with just a single recovery unit.

The Best Equipment

SERVPRO of High Point utilizes the best equipment in the industry.  This commitment to excellence is one of the many reasons why we are able to dry out saturated areas so quickly.