Commercial Photo Gallery


Courthouse Hallway

This is a photo from another affected area of the courthouse, one of the hallways. Much of the building was affected by water damage from the rupture in a pressurized line that is part of the fire suppression system. The rupture happened while building repairs were taking place.


Courthouse Flood

The courthouse in High Point was closed for a week and a half while the professionals at SERVPRO of High Point cleaned up extensive water damage from the fourth floor to the first floor. Pictured here is one of the courtrooms that was flooded. 


After extracting water from this funeral home's carpet, a SERVPRO of High Point technician is spraying an antimicrobial chemical onto the carpet that kills many bacterial entities.  The effectiveness of antimicrobials will vary by product.  Label claims will include activity against groups such as bactericide, fungicide, virucide, tuberculocide, and sporicide.

Office Flood Damage

Ground water came into this office building making it uninhabitable for a few hours.  SERVPRO of High Point came in and extracted all the water, as well as, cleaned and arranged all contents to specifications.

Flood at Manufacturing Facility

This office portion hallway of this commercial property was flooded due to an exterior opening in the structure.  SERVPRO of High Point was able to extract the water quickly enough so flooring did not have to be replaced.

Office Flood

Pipe burst causing damage to several cubicle areas in this commercial office building. SERVPRO of High Point was able to extract the water quickly enough so no carpeting had to be replaced.